Photos from the Flea Market in Odessa.

Great group of people at the Flea Market today. April 28, 2012

Hillsborough County Co-sponsors


Jan Fowler


The Jans Jan Nelson and Jan Fowler

Deborah Namaga and Don Wright

Jayna and Grace Ann at the Ganovia Booth

Boy Scout Troop 55

Tom Aderhold holding down the fort at the Keystone Civic Association tent

Barbara Aderhold

Amy Moorefield and Heather Velez selling cupcakes at the 5/3 Bank tent



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Flea Market Today

The Keystone Civic Association is holding a flea market today!!  Don’t miss it.  It is located at the Keystone Park. Click the link for directions.  Come and get great deals.

Keystone Park
Keystone, Florida
Show on Google Maps

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New Preserve in Odessa

While driving around the other morning looking for scenery to photograph, I spoke with Greg Riski.  I had not idea that was a new preserve in the area.

An entrance to the preserve is slated to be built off Tarpon Springs Road.  Currently there is a walk through gate for walking located on Woodstock Road off Crescent Road. Crescent Road runs off Tarpons Springs Road.  Just look for the Alpacas in the field.

The preserve is part of the Brooker Creek Watershed  with Lake Frances sitting on the property.

I was fortunate enough to find this herd of five deer glazing to photograph.

Deer in Hillsborough County Preserve

It is great that little bits of Florida are being protected.  Get out and enjoy these areas.


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Lake Jewel Farms Odessa Florida Feeding the Chickens

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Twilight Music in the Park

Twilight Music in the Park

Sponsored by the Anita Uruh Memorial Fund

Keystone Civic Association presents Twilight Music in the Park


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Quantum Leap Farm

Quantum Leap Farm

Odessa Florida is a rural enclave, just beyond the traffic congestion and big box stores that populate areas just to the south. This is an area that contains almost as many horses as people.

Nestled in this oasis, down a two lane country road is a haven for physically and mentally disabled kids and adults in the greater Tampa area.

Quantum Leap Farm was created by Edie Ebbert Dopking PhD and is a non-profit therapeutic and recreational horse riding facility for disabled veterans, adults and kids.  Prior therapeutic riding facilities provided services for children and it was suggested to Dr Dopking that with the property she owned in Odessa, that maybe she  could open a riding facility for disabled adults.

Their Mission:

“Quantum Leap Farm exists to enrich and enhance the lives of adults with special needs by engaging them in a variety of equestrian activities designed to promote and improve physical, mental and social well-being.”

Therapeutic horseback riding improves the riders’ strength, tone, flexibility and reflexes of the riders’ postural muscles and leg muscles.  In the physically disabled it improves stability of gait and balance of the physically disabled.

In the mentally disabled, therapeutic riding provides an opportunity for social interaction.  Often the mentally disabled is isolated and experience limited contact with others.  Therapeutic riding allows the mentally disabled to engage the trainers and of course the horse it’s self.

Quantum Leap Farm began operations on July 1, 2000 and in the first year they gave over 1100 riding lessons to over 80 participants from the Tampa Bay area.

Now Quantum Leap Farm also offers coach driving lessons to allow disabled individuals, too disabled to ride a horse an opportunity to engage with the horses.

The farm is involved in research into the benefits of therapeutic riding for the handicap.

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